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Internet advertising

Google AdWords Advertisement

AdWords is a Google ad platform that gives you the opportunity to place your advertisement messages in the 'Sponsored Links' section that appears in the box and on the right side of the Google results. Choose keywords related to your products and / or services, write ad text to show your ad on Google search with any of the selected keywords. Your ad link is free of charge. Only when someone visits your website through the advertising link you pay the cost per click specified by Google. This ensures that you pay for results only.


What We Offer

We offer professional planning, preparation, management and optimization of advertising campaigns in Google AdWords. By relying on the rich experience of our account managers, you save by achieving excellent results with minimal investment. What does Campaign Management include? Preparing a Google AdWords Account
- Survey on customer internet placement and competition in the industry.
- Explore keywords and choose the most appropriate words and word combinations
- Writing specific creatives for the client's products and / or services.
- Create a Google AdWords client account.
- Structure your account by campaigns, ad groups, and keywords.
- Targeting specific ads and keywords to the appropriate pages on the client's site.
- Setting up the campaign.
- Geographic and time targeting of the campaign.
- Create and submit scripts for detailed campaign statistics
- Send details to access the Google AdWords Account Management and Ad campaign optimization
- Active bid management
- Apply campaign changes weekly to statistics
- Optimize and update keywords
- Optimize and update negative keywords
- Optimize and update creatives
- Optimize and update placements (for contextual advertising)
- Apply changes to targeting
- Apply changes related to campaign settings
- Apply changes to the account at the customer's request
- Split testing of advertising messages
- Suggestions for changes related to market dynamics
- Preparing seasonal or promotional campaigns
- Separating and grouping individual campaigns
- Contextual advertising campaigns
- Management of contextual advertising campaigns
- Production of advertising campaigns with banners
- Banner advertising campaigns with banners Detailed statistics
- Full access to statistics
- Measuring the results
- Provide a weekly report prepared by our experts including:
* Compare last week's results to the previous ones
* A brief analysis of the results as obtained
* Campaign changes made in the last week
* Suggested changes to improve results
* The specific objectives of the proposed changes
- Adjustable to receive additional automatic report
- Personal account manager
- Analysis and interpretation of collected statistics
- Option to consult by phone and email
- Consultation of the account and changes to the account
- Tips on optimizing the site
- Support the campaign and help in case of technical problems
- Timely notification of campaign signals
- Option to contact outside of emergency time

Our advantages
* Over 5 years of experience
* Certified Company
* Bank payment
* Own Account Manager
* Detailed statistics
* Daily surveillance